Seasonal Allergies? Try Honey

Itchy, watery eyes? Stuffy nose? Head congestion? Non-stop sneezing? If you have bad seasonal allergies, like my husband, Keith, we would like to tell you our story. Keith has had seasonal allergies all his life. Since we’ve been together, I’ve seen him try various allergy medications in his many attempts to manage his allergy symptoms. However, none of the medication ever provided him with much relief. Then, about three years ago, our neighbor suggested taking honey to reduce allergy symptoms. I have to tell you that we were both highly skeptical about this idea at first but Keith decided to go ahead and give it a try anyway since the allergy pills weren’t helping much at all. The key to this method though is that you have to use LOCAL honey (we’re not sure if the honey has to be raw as well but ours is) as the idea is to help your body build immunity to the allergens that you are exposed to on a daily basis. This is achieved by consuming small amounts of allergens found in honey. Who would have thought that it really WORKS! While allergy medications barely alleviate Keith’s allergy symptoms, taking a couple of spoonfuls of honey per day reduces his symptoms by at least 80 percent (we were both amazed to say the least). :D This will be Keith’s third year of not taking any kind of allergy medications to deal with his seasonal allergies. In fact, he has just resumed his delicious daily dose of honey recently in anticipation of this year’s allergies (according to Keith, it does take at least a couple of weeks before the full effectiveness of the honey kicks in) and he looks forward to enjoying Spring as he has been the past two years. :D

Please note that we are NOT medical professionals but simply would like to share our first-hand experiences with others who might not have heard about using honey to combat seasonal allergies.

This is the honey that we find in our local farm market
I like my honey slathered on a piece of toast with butter :D
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8 Replies to “Seasonal Allergies? Try Honey”

  1. That’s one fantastic neighbor that you have…

    1. I agree! Thanks again, Lisa! :D

  2. Taking honey for sore throat is effective, too.

    1. Honey is so useful plus it’s delicious! :D

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  4. Oh I love honey! I noticed I started to sneeze more when we moved to our present house, maybe its the pollen flying around. Will definitely think of honey then… Thanks!

    1. Me too. I love honey! Check your farmers market for local honey. :D

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