Our Son is Martha’s Fan

Can you believe it? Our son, Alex is a big Martha fan. I used to borrow Martha’s DVDs from the library for myself but now, I actually borrow Martha’s DVDs because Alex wants to watch them. His favorites are Martha’s Guests: Master Chefs, Martha’s Baking Favorites and Martha’s Favorite Cookies. Sometimes, after he watches the shows, he takes out his Play-Doh and proceeds to “make” pad thai, pork buns or cookies. I try to include him when I’m baking (for real) as he loves to measure out ingredients.Who would have thought he would love to watch cooking and baking shows? We didn’t. Alex is such a picky eater. I can count with both hands the things he does actually eat daily and they have been the same things for the past four years. When he was younger, we were really worried that he was not getting the nutrients he needed (actually, we are still worried) but we just can’t get him to try anything different. Thank goodness for vitamins! Who knows? Maybe this interest in cooking and baking shows may eventually “persuade” him to try new things down the road. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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