Our First Snowstorm

Snowstorm in October? It’s actually not unusual or unexpected in Northeast Ohio but boy, was it a pain when we had one last week! Our backyard looked like a disaster zone with broken tree limbs everywhere – I think we must have had at least 20 decent-size branches down, with several of them on our roof. And of course, we had widespread power outages and downed phone lines, which meant no internet access for two and a half days! Amazingly, we survived (lol) although we can’t say the same for our 10-year old. :D Now, if only someone could remind Mother Nature to bring on the snow ONLY after all the leaves have fallen, we would appreciate it! All in all though, we are thankful that there were only minimal damages – a broken fence rail, a small hole in the siding, and a few dents on the roof and gutter. Can we have perfect weather from now on? Fat chance, huh?

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4 Replies to “Our First Snowstorm”

  1. Wow! These photos look like a disaster zone. It reminds me of the snowstorm that we had on Halloween last year. Leaves were still on the trees and limbs were down all over the place. Roads were blocked, even part of the turnpike. I know what you must have gone through. Hope it has cleared up now.
    Mom 2

    1. We finally just got the backyard cleaned up a couple of days ago. The storm that came through yesterday thankfully didn’t cause any damage. We’re still trying to get the tree guy out here to look at the giant silver maple right behind our house. It lost quite a bit of tree limbs (big-size ones)…and we’re not sure if it’s safe to keep around anymore. Hope you guys are doing well.


  2. Oh no! The last pic looked awful.. I hope everything’s OK now for you all.

    1. Everything’s ok. :D It could have been worse. We’re so thankful!

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