Our Chinese New Year Eve Dinner

When I was growing up, Chinese New Year (CNY) Eve dinner was always an elaborate affair – whether it was a reunion dinner at my grandparents’ home with all my aunts, uncles, and cousins or just a dinner within my own family – there was always a wide selection of dishes in large quantities. So here I am, ignoring all my sense and sensibilities, deciding to carry on this tradition of preparing a huge dinner for CNY Eve.

Overall, I spent six long hours making our dinner. In the process, I hurt my back and every part of my body for standing that whole time, sliced off a little bit of my skin and flesh on one of my fingers while cutting chicken (hurts like crazy), and missed spending time with my husband and son. Is the meal worth all that? I’m not sure. I’m still asking myself that question. I contemplated just making a couple of simple dishes or even eating out for CNY Eve but I find that as I get older, the drive to carry on traditions seems to grow stronger. Also, we now have enough food to last us through the rest of the week which means that I don’t have to cook for a while. Below are pictures of what I made – Chicken Mushroom Soup with Mee Suah (a staple in any celebration in my family), Steamed Fish (not pictured), Broiled Chicken Wings, Stir-Fried Yellow Noodle, Chap Chai (Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables), Stir-Fried Corn with Chicken and Liver, Baked Spring Roll, and Hard-Boiled Eggs (colored red). Enjoy the pictures. I will eventually post the recipes.

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