Miller Nature Preserve

While we were out piano hunting last Sunday, we decided to stop by Miller Nature Preserve in Avon since we were in the area. We visited its conservatory, which is on the small side but Alex had lots of fun searching through the plants for ones that would match the pictures in his scavenger hunt sheet (provided by Miller for its young visitors). We were extremely happy with the scavenger hunt activity and wish more places would have something similar (we usually have to make our own and bring with us) as it usually gets Alex instantly interested and most importantly, keeps him interested in exploring the place! Below are a few pics that we took at the conservatory. Enjoy.

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6 Replies to “Miller Nature Preserve”

  1. That looks so nice! I’ll have to go there on some cold day when I’m longing for spring.

    1. It is a nice place and cheap…just $2 per person but it’s quite a drive for us. If you are in the area, well-worth the two bucks. :D

  2. Wish we have walks like you do there….though Sarawak has hectares of forest, the local authorities are not keen in preserving nature & promoting nature walks for its people.

    1. That is something I really appreciate about here. I wish it is a different situation back home…maybe that will change for our future generation.

  3. Nice crisp pictures. You guys are having excellent weather! Alex was wearing a T-shirt without his winter jacket… over here, we are still “hiding” under our bulky winter clothes :-(

    1. We still have to wear our winter jackets too…the pics were taken in the warm and cozy indoor conservatory which was why we were able to explore without our jackets. :D

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