Melogold Grapefruit

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I’ve always wanted to like grapefruits but had always found them a little too sour for my taste, until I discovered Melogold. :D Melogold, a cross between a pomelo and a white grapefruit is actually sweet (and a little tart)! Yum! Melogold was so good that I actually went back to the store and bought lots of them three weeks in a row. I think the supply might actually be dwindling down now but for those of you who live in Northeast Ohio, you might still be able to get them in some Heinen’s.

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4 Replies to “Melogold Grapefruit”

  1. I’ve never seen this grapefruit. It does look like pomelo. I love pomelo’s and so also, grapefruits. The grapefruits in our local stores are surprisingly quite sweet with a bitter after taste. We sometimes have half a grapefruit as appetiser before starting our starter or soup through main and dessert at sunday lunches

    1. It is sweeter than a pomelo with a slight bitter aftertaste (our pomelo can be pretty sour with a strong bitter aftertaste). I don’t really like the sour and bitter part…LOL…how picky am I? That’s interesting that you guys sometimes eat grapefruits as appetizer – we usually eat them at breakfast or as a dessert after a meal. :D You know what fruit I’ve been craving for months but for some reason can’t find any decent ones here? Papaya!

  2. I got to learn to eat grapefruits as appetizer from my late MIL. So far, that’s the only fruit that’s eaten as “appetizer”. Don’t ask me why… I’m just continuing my husband’s family’s tradition..

    I’ve seen papaya’s sold at our local Thai store. They have the raw ones for the papaya salad. I love this salad! Unfortunately they are not cheap! One raw papaya for a papaya salad costs Euro 10 !!

    1. Continuing tradition is a good thing. :D I find that to be more and more important as I grow older. Yikes! That must be some papaya. :D And I thought having to pay $4 for a papaya over here is highway robbery. :D

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