Louise Nevelson Found Sculpture

I decided to have Alex do the actual Louise Nevelson Found Sculpture project as well. I didn’t really have any small “lost/unused” items around in the house, so we ended up using things we had plenty of. :) Since all these things were basically the same, we just chose a few different ones for Alex to glue on the square board. It took approximately six applications of tempera paint (I lost count after Alex painted on the second coat :) ) to block out the colors but even with that, we could still see a hint of pink. Oh well…
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2 Replies to “Louise Nevelson Found Sculpture”

  1. Good job, Alex!

  2. Hi there,That's great artwork!!By the way, I found your comment on the Art Projects for Kids Blog, which led me to your Blog. I've had a look at your whole blog (nearly!) and wanted to say that Alex looks like he's having a great time painting and baking and making things! And that you all seem to be having fun.I also wanted to ask – if you don't mind me being too personal – is Alex autistic? My son was diagnosed a year ago, he's now 3 and a half years old and I was wondering whether your homeschooling was what you expected. My son goes to pre-school and I'm not sure whether to homeschool him or not when he's due to go to school next year.Anyway, I hope you don't mind my personal questions, it's just that I can see some similarities.Take care, and have fun!Jane, and Jay :-)

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