Lego Poem

Came across a poem that Alex wrote last year (I think) with a little help from me and if I remember correctly, it was his first attempt in constructing a poem. Here it is:

I Love Lego
Lego comes in lots of sizes, shapes, and colors.
Lego feels hard, smooth, and bumpy.
Lego costs lots of dollars.
But Lego makes me happy.

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5 Replies to “Lego Poem”

  1. That is a good poem!! It’s nice how he includes the economic impact of Legos, too. :)

    1. With much reminder from us. :D

  2. Nice poem :-) BTW, does Alex write cursive writing? I asked because, the kids in Belgium all write cursive from the day they started real writing, from age 6…

    1. No, he doesn’t. I just started introducing him to cursive writing about a month ago. I think in public school here, they start on cursive writing in 3rd grade, or maybe late 2nd grade. Wow, your sons must be pro in cursive writing by now. :D

      1. That’s correct. They are better than me in cursive writing :-D

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