Here’s a quick and simple art project that Alex did recently – he drew a picture of a heron (instructions are in the Big Backyard magazine, issue June/July 2012) on a pre-made card, and colored it with markers. This special card went to Grammy and Grandpa. :D

And here’s a picture I took a while back of the resident heron at our local park, looking regal and aloof as usual. :D

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6 Replies to “Heron”

  1. Alex’s drawing has improved so much… Good job, Alex!!

    1. Thanks, Aunty Nana! :D

    1. Thanks, Isadora. I’ll be sure to pass on the message. :D

  2. Wow, Alex is really good at drawing! He should make more cards – he and Mattie can become penpals coz she loves making cards too but we don’t have anyone to send them to! :)

    1. Unfortunately, Alex doesn’t like to draw…he only draws because I ask him too. I think he thinks he’s not good at drawing, which is why he’s not very keen in doing it. However, we’ll be glad to receive Mattie’s cards anytime (or just post on your blog – put it under Mattie’s gallery). :D

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