8 Replies to “Happy Chinese New Year!”

  1. Happy Chinese New Year to you, Keith, Alex and the doggies :-D
    Enjoy the food and company and don’t forget to post what’s-on-your-menu. LOL!

    1. Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family, Isadora. We failed to take photos of the menu, again! I was busy all the way up to eating time, and by then, we were all ready to eat. :D I may recreate a couple of dishes over the next two weeks and post them individually. :D Did you cook for CNY Eve dinner?

  2. Hi Chris, we just got back from Rome. My boys have a week off from school (Carnival Holidays) and I had 5 working days carried over from last year which I had to clear before March. I thought the School Carnival Hols was a perfect timing. We left for Rome on CNY day, hence, to answer your question, No, I did not cook the Sa Chap Meh dinner. Was busy packing :-( Am thinking of making “Steamboat” this weekend! The weather hasn’t gotten any warmer :-(

    1. Isadora, that’s awesome you guys can take a break right now…and it’s okay, you still can cook for chap goh meh. :D You know what? I was thinking of steamboat too for this weekend, how freaky is that? LOL (Although, I am still kind of torn between that and fondue) – we’ll see if I have the time for anything since I’m actually working on Saturday. It’s still really cold here too.

      1. Hi Chris, I’m so behind in my postings. Here’s to let you know that I just posted our Steamboat lunch, which is way overdue :-)

        1. I saw your steamboat lunch…so gorgeous! Now if you live next door, I’ll bring a chiffon cake over and join you for lunch! :D

          1. Main course. Checked!
            Dessert. Checked!

            A perfect lunch!!! :-D

          2. I agree and of course, the best part will be having lunch with great friends. :D

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