Flea Market

Went to a flea market last weekend and had a fun time looking through all the odds and ends…you know what they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. :D Thanks for coming with me, Amy!

Thought the chest was kinda cute. :D
What’s this? Some sort of cooking pot…used over a fire? Thought it was made of cast iron at first but it felt too light.
Now…these are my kind of “treasures” – produce galore from a local farm. :D
Sweet corn…picked just that morning.
Super sweet melons and peaches!
Snagged four old cookbooks for a total of $7… like I need any more cookbooks but what a deal!!!
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4 Replies to “Flea Market”

  1. I LOVE going to markets – any kind. Love the colours, the funny sights, the amusing things. Geez…what a bargain you had with the “antique” cookbooks :-D Well done, Chris!

    1. Me too – love all kinds of markets! Wish I could take more pictures but the place was packed and I always try to respect the fact that strangers might not care to be in my photos. :D

  2. Oh, drool! Please, please, please take me to the flea market next time I come to Cleveland!!! I am going to try out a new antique market here in Toronto tomorrow morning. Hopefully, I will find some nice goodies too! :)

    1. Make note – visit Chris in August next year. It’s the only flea market I know of that is near here (I think you’ve been to more at your place). Good luck in your treasure hunt tomorrow. :D

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