Crazy Winter Weather

Looking out from our living room window

We are currently having blizzard-like condition which is expected to last throughout the weekend before it warms up again next week (although the last time I checked, that might not happen as previously forecasted). Despite the crazy and unpredictable weather (and the fact that it’s probably causing havoc on the growth of early blooming plants and goodness knows what else), I can’t even begin to tell you how much I REALLY appreciate those warmer and sunnier breaks that we’ve been getting – they truly help preserve my sanity throughout these short Winter days and make Winter a little bit more bearable. :D In fact, just this past Monday, we had a beautiful Spring-like day. Alex was out riding his bike and playing basketball at a friend’s house (thanks for inviting us over Amy! Alex had a blast playing with Faith and Connor although his arms hurt for the next two days from doing all those free throws :-D). Can’t wait till Spring arrives.

What a beautiful day we had on Monday!
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