Christmas Tree and Lights

Went to get our Christmas tree on Friday (that’s Keith searching for one). The tree always looks so small outdoor but in actuality, it’s a pretty tight fit in the space we plan for it…..every single time! 😂

That evening, we put up our fancy Christmas wreath (that we got on clearance last Christmas, lol) and lights – it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! ❤️

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4 Replies to “Christmas Tree and Lights”

  1. Terrific tree! Must have been fun picking it out.
    Beautiful wreath too. Everything looks so festive.
    You’re about two weeks ahead of us. We always wait for the coldest day of the winter to decorate outdoors.

    1. Thanks! The weather is so dreary all the time now – figure we could use some indoor cheeriness.

  2. That’s a lovely tree! Also I love the video with music!!

    1. Thanks, Bonnie! Hope you are staying safe! ❤️

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