Christmas Greetings

Hello Everyone!

Warmest greetings from Ohio. This year, instead of regular mail, we decided to send our Christmas wishes through our blog.

A quick wrap-up of the year – Alex is now five and a half years old. We are homeschooling him for kindergarten this year. Over this past year, Alex has progressed tremendously with his speech development. He has finally gotten to the point of not only imitating words but also spontaneously putting words together to form his own sentences. There aren’t any words to describe the joy and amazement we feel when we hear even simple comments like “Wow! It’s real dark out there” or “It’s kind of hot” or “I love you” from Alex. We are truly blessed. Alex still has ways to go before he gets to his peers’ level but he is definitely moving in the right direction. Alex’s first love (after his mommy and daddy, we hope :)) is playing all kinds of learning games on the computer or his Leapster. His favorite subjects are math, spelling, and phonics. Alex also likes to explore new places and things, with little fear for much of anything. I wonder if he’s sick of hearing mommy say “Be careful!” The only things that seem to make him anxious are the doctor’s office and a crowd of kids his age (although he is slowly working through that challenge as well. He definitely does better with just two or three kids at a time).

Chris is still a stay-at-home mom, and is busier now than ever with the task of homeschooling Alex. She can’t believe the amount of new things she’s learning along with Alex. If she has a little time and she’s not feeling exhausted, she’ll do what she loves best – cooking and baking.

Keith is still a computer programmer/consultant although his contract with his client that he has been with for the past seven years has just ended. So, he is currently seeking new opportunities. Please keep us in your prayers that new doors will open up for Keith.

Our dogs (Max, Darwin and Cyber) are now in their senior years but are still alert and playful when the mood strikes them. We keep hoping that as Alex grows older, we’ll have more time to walk the dogs but obviously, that hasn’t been the case. The dogs have been good though and haven’t complained too much over the past year, which just makes us feel even more guilty.

Anyway, as usual, we get caught up with life and have not been keeping in touch with everyone as much as we would like. We miss spending time with all of you, near and far. We hope the coming year will provide us all with more time and opportunities to be in each other’s lives.

May the spirit of Christmas bring you peace,
The gladness of Christmas give you hope,
The warmth of Christmas grant you love.
Wishing you all blessings of
peace, joy, and good tidings on Christmas & always
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Keith, Chris, Alex
and Doggies (Max, Darwin, and Cyber)

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  1. Hi Chris,I’m so glad that you like my book “The Joy of Digital Photography!” Thanks for mentioning it on your blog, too. I’m about to start a major revision of the book that will be out in about a year.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Connecticut (where the snow is finally melting!).Be warm!

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