Christmas Eve Dinner

Ever since I watched an Eater video of salmon collars being served at a Filipino food stall at Seattle’s famous Pike Place Fish Market, I had been longing to try them, lol. However, for the life of me, we can’t find salmon collars anywhere locally. The internet apparently had read my mind and plastered Fulton Fish Market ads all over my Facebook news feed, which led me to discover that they sell salmon collars! We can vouch that salmon collars from Fulton Fish Market are absolutely delicious – full of flavor as they consist of the sweetest and fattiest part of the fish. I am officially in love with salmon collars! I told Keith that I won’t settle for any other salmon parts now, lol.

Besides salmon collars, we also ordered butterfish to try this time around. I lightly seasoned both with salt and turmeric and fried them until they are perfection. For a simple Christmas Eve dinner, I served the fish with rice and a broccoli stir-fry – soooooo good!

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