Cheeky Chipmunk

I took these pictures in spring from inside the house (through the front window), which is why they are not very clear – I didn’t want to scare off the chipmunk by going outside. :) Actually, I didn’t have any intention of taking pictures of the chipmunk when I first saw it but it hung around for quite a while. So, I finally gave in and picked up the camera…isn’t this little guy (or gal) CUTE?

Stuffing his (or her) face
Wondering what to do next
"Wait, I see something"
"Aha! got it"
"Anything else?"
Here’s a fascinating fact about chipmunks that I came across in one of our homeschooling lessons – a chipmunk can stuff four acorns into each cheek. Wow! (Source: Your Big Backyard, October 2008)
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One Reply to “Cheeky Chipmunk”

  1. It is cute, especially when its cheek is full. Hehe…

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