Valentine’s Steamboat

We finally had our belated Valentine’s meal tonight, and for the special occasion, I decided to do a steamboat. Also known as a hot pot, a steamboat consists of a simmering pot of broth placed right at the dining table, to which raw ingredients are continuously added to the broth and cooked on the spot. Now, if you are […]

Chicken Mushroom Soup with Mee Suah (Somen)

When my sister and her family were here this past week, I decided to make Chicken Mushroom Soup, a celebratory staple in our family. Instead of rice, the soup was served with mee suah and hard-boiled eggs – this dish brought back a lot of wonderful memories! For the recipe, check out my Chicken Mushroom Soup post. Enjoy!

Chicken & Tortilla Soup

It has really been unseasonably warm these past few days (but thank goodness the nights are still cool as they should be). Because the house warms up fast in the hot afternoons, I’ve been trying to make dishes that require only a minimal amount of cooking. This dish definitely qualifies as one and is one of our easy favorites. With all […]

Chicken & Tortilla Soup

Can you believe I had this recipe since 2003 and I never tried it until last year? It is now a family favorite! The original recipe, which I’ve adapted slightly for a simpler prep (not that it was complicated to begin with) can be found in The Best of Fine Cooking: 101 Quick Delicious Recipes […]

Chicken Mushroom Soup

Note: Photos of the final dish were updated on December 25, 2017. With everyone at home (including myself) feeling under the weather, I decided to make the ultimate comfort food – chicken soup! In my family, this particular version is always eaten with mee suah (a thin, delicate noodle made from wheat flour which signifies […]