Three Hours in Akron

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is this Thursday! Where did the time go? So today, Keith and I (among several other parents) volunteered to drive our kids to their counterpart school in Akron for service day. Since our presence was not required in between driving, we took the opportunity to explore the area for food. What […]


Our mail carrier delivered a package to our door today. It turned out to be a surprise care package from my wonderful and dearest friend, Bonnie! She had heard, I’m assuming from her husband, who probably heard from Keith how stressed I’ve been these past couple of months (our husbands were housemates back in our […]

Celebrating Chinese New Year

It’s Chinese New Year Eve today! In Malaysia, we would have a huge family reunion dinner tonight to start the celebration but in the States, it would just be the three of us. :) Normally, we would invite close friends to celebrate with us but Alex has been sick with the flu…so no invitations went […]

In Loving Memory of Cyber

Two weeks ago, we said goodbye to our almost 15-year old pup. It was with an extremely heavy heart that we made that decision. He had not been feeling well or happy for a long time. Strangely, a couple of days before the actual day, I dreamt of Max – she was laying next to […]

Scavenger Hunt in Downtown Cleveland

On day 2 of our family vacation, we decided to do a scavenger hunt of famous landmarks in downtown Cleveland. For us, one sure way of getting Alex interested in checking out new things or places is to incorporate them into a scavenger hunt game. After much googling, we came across only one website – […]

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens

We had a two day mini-vacation last week with Alex. We actually had planned it for the week before but Alex was sick then. Even last week, Alex and I were still recovering from our lingering cold but we were determined to have our “vacation” before school starts. On day 1 (Thursday), we decided to […]

Flea Market

Went to a local flea market two Saturdays ago. I did not expect to spend as much time as I did there but there were just too many treasures to explore. :) Here are some things that caught my attention but I resisted all of them until the very last item(s) – Time Life Foods […]