Cookbooks Galore

Another of my hygge – cookbooks! This is the stack of books on our coffee table that I’m currently actively reading right now, lol. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a cookbook addict! I own enough cookbooks that if I don’t ever buy another copy, I would not run out of cookbooks to […]

Jumbo Squishmallows

Saw this guy at Costco just now – I was actually very tempted to get it, lol…..he was massive and he just looked so cherry! Isn’t he absolutely adorable? ❤️

Joy in My Kitchen

Happy Friday! Being in the kitchen and making food is definitely a hygge for me. I’m not referring to the crazy cooking mania that we encounter when making holiday meals, lol but more of the quiet moments when we make food to feed our loved ones or when we crave something special or when we […]

Fig Leaf Coffee

I’ve been hearing the term hygge (hue-guh) or self-care a lot lately and it’s even more relevant to me now, more than ever as I struggle with the consequences of a health condition and the side effects of the medications I need to take, while in the midst of a pandemic nonetheless (and I am […]


So, we had our first major snowstorm and this was the situation we woke up to – one of the birch trees on the side of our house was and is still hanging precariously over the power line. Then, we lost our power in the afternoon but thankfully, we have a generator! We would likely […]

A Walk in the Park

It has been a while again since we went out to any park – our teenager is like a hibernating bear all year long, lol. Finally managed to get him to join us for a quick walk at a local favorite… expected, it was busy (it was 50 and sunny) but we wore our masks […]

Christmas Tree and Lights

Went to get our Christmas tree on Friday (that’s Keith searching for one). The tree always looks so small outdoor but in actuality, it’s a pretty tight fit in the space we plan for it…..every single time! 😂 That evening, we put up our fancy Christmas wreath (that we got on clearance last Christmas, lol) […]