Beautiful Daffodils

While I love tulips, I only have spring-blooming daffodils and (one lone patch of) hyacinths in my garden right now…..and that’s because the deer that pass by frequently love tulips even more than I do! :) All these daffodils were given by my mom-in-law over the years…..we just plopped them into the ground, and voilà, beautiful flowers in spring. That’s the best kind, don’t you agree? Two and a half more weeks before school is over for me and hopefully, I’ll have a little more time to blog after that, yay! In the meantime, enjoy the flowers. ❤️

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3 Replies to “Beautiful Daffodils”

  1. Daffodils are amazing. A real spring delight!

  2. Hi! Your flowers are so beautiful! Perfect. You make it sound so easy to grow these springtime beauties! I know better. You guys are great and caring gardeners. I’m crossing my fingers that your blooms don’t get snowed on! (Around here I better cross my toes too!)

    1. Lol, maybe I need to bring some of my “magical” no-fuss daffodils over. :)

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