A Fall Morning at the Park

We have been plagued with so much rain this fall. Fortunately, we managed to catch a little break last Sunday morning – it was warm and sunny (and windy too!). Although we had chores galore, we decided to put them off until the afternoon so we could check out the gorgeous fall colors at our local park. Below are some photos I took that morning. Enjoy!

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6 Replies to “A Fall Morning at the Park”

  1. Beautiful set of pictures. I see that it was warm enough for Keith to go out and about in shorts! :D And not a jacket in sight. A perfect fall day. :)

    1. Thanks, Sis! It WAS a perfect fall day (at least until the storm rolled in later in the afternoon). :D Hope you guys are feeling better. We’re still fighting colds but all of us finally got our flu shots. Whew!

  2. Fantastic! It looks like the waterfoul and turtles were really cooperative, too. It looks like it was a great day.
    Mom 2

    1. Thanks, Mom! It was a great morning for sure – warm which was why all the turtles were out sunning themselves. :D I’m glad we managed to get a short walk in before the storm rolled in later in the afternoon. Between the rain and being sick, I wasn’t sure we would manage to get to the parks before the trees are bare.

  3. I couldn’t agree more, Chris. Gorgeous pictures! While you’re having a lot of rain, we are having very mild autumn weather. Today it was 20 degrees Celsius! A lot of sun. We enjoyed sitting in our veranda overlooking the garden. Great looking orange, yellow leaves falling from the trees… :-)

    1. I’m feeling rather jealous of your weather right now. :D

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